FREE WEBINAR: How to Move Forward After Breast Cancer Treatment Ends

From day one of your diagnosis, you've most likely been under the care of numerous doctors.

You've endured many tests, waited anxiously for many results and then together with your doctors', decided on a treatment plan. But treatment is over...and it can feel both exciting and unsettling all at the same time! What's next?

Now it's time to step back and start to listen to your body.

Do you.....

✓ Feel exhausted drained and run down, all the time?
✓ H
ave headaches or poor sleep?
✓ H
ave digestive issues?
✓ S
uffer from weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes, memory lapses, loss of libido, muscle & joint pain, body odor changes?
✓ S
uffer with anxiety, fears & difficulty focusing?
✓ Constantly feel uncomfortable in your own skin? Not even wanting to be touched?

These, plus many more symptoms can be due to your breast cancer treatments. Both as side effects of the treatments themselves, but also your body's natural reaction to the stress you've been going through.


Here's What You Might Not Know...

After treatment ends, the next stage of recovery begins...and although this stage is approximately the same amount of time from your diagnosis until the end of treatment, you'll find that there's no specific game plan.
That's why I developed Moving Forward, establish your 4 - step unique game plan, just like you did with treatment...but now (drumroll please, lol) it's about creating a life, an environment, a positive mindset and new habits that nourish you on every level...mind, body and soul. 

Moving Forward - Coming Soon!

My proven 4 - Step online system, allows you to focus on transitioning and creating new habits, while focusing on just one area of your life at a time. 

This takes away the anxiety and overwhelm you may be feeling, when faced with creating new lifestyle habits.

Work at your pace, you'll have lifelong access and even though this program is digital, you're never alone when you work with me...

I've created an awesome Facebook Community for you, where I'll be LIVE every week for a Q & A. PLUS useful tips, trainings and freebies ;)

1. Committing to Change

The first crucial step in moving forward is committing to change and being open to establish new ways of thinking and habits, and letting go of what's no longer working for you.

2. Focusing on Food

Are you experiencing hormonal imbalances & changes in energy & weight after treatment? This lifestyle change is key to fueling your body to optimal health and not depleting it.

3. Putting Yourself First

Jumping right back into your pre-cancer life isn't always the answer. It's an ideal time to evaluate what you'd like your life to actual look and feel like, and to be to do it, guilt-free.

4. Detoxing Your Home

Reducing your risk for reoccurrence, and other diseases feels empowering. Discover where those toxins are hiding and what you can do about them, without a lot of time or money!



My 4 - Part Proven System to get you unstuck and heading towards a life of health and happiness you've been secretly dreaming about.

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Learn How to Move Forward After Breast Cancer Treatment is Over

I invite you to join your sisterhood in this awesome facebook community. There's tons of information, tips and even freebies, PLUS the priceless connection with women in exactly the same boat as yourself. You'll even get a free gift from me, I can't wait to see you in there 😊. xoxo Karin


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