You've been wondering...wait no more!


What to Expect After Breast Cancer Treatment Ends



In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


The Reality of Life After Treatment Ends

Thinking you're supposed to be jumping for joy? Yet have found yourself balling your eyes out at the drop of a hat? Discover the side-effects of breast cancer treatment that are rarely talked about!



How Long Before I Feel Like Me Again?

You'll be able to take a breath. and take the pressure off yourself, after learning the answer to this often asked question.


4 Easy Ways to, Not Only, Boost Your Recovery, But Help Reduce Your Risk of Getting Breast Cancer Again!

Find yourself constantly looking over your shoulder, waiting for the next bomb to go off? You'll be able to take back control of your life and your health, when you learn these 4 quick and easy shifts. If you've wondered for one second if you should be vegan or vegetarian, you don't want to miss this!



You don't have to live in fear, you have more control than you realize...

Only 15% of breast cancer diagnosis are due to genetics!

85% are due to environmental factors!

This is fantastic news...because YOU get to control many of those so called, environmental factors.

In fact, you'll learn 4 of these environmental factors that can have a MASSIVE impact on your health, in this Masterclass.

PLUS, some quick and easy shifts you can start to make immediately, so that you don't have to keep living with the fear of recurrence hanging over your head!

IMAGINE...waking up one morning and finally feeling like you again??

  • Whether you've been surprised and confused about how you've been feeling since treatment ended, even wondering "what's wrong with me?
  • You're finding that the hustle and bustle of daily life really affects you and you just want to hide in bed, under the covers until it all gets better and you're back to being you!
  • You're fed up of feeling like you should be doing what you used to be able to do, but you're just so exhausted...ALL THE TIME!

  • You don't WANT to live your life in constant FEAR of getting breast cancer again!
  • You're tired of feeling so alone, misunderstood and unsupported...

I want you to know, that I GET IT!

Join me to finally learn what it takes navigate life after breast cancer treatment is over, with ease, with self-love and the knowledge to kick that fear to the curb, so that you don't have to constantly live in fear!



A Note From Your Instructor...

Hi, I'm Karin...

Health Coach, Breast Cancer & BRCA2 Thriver and Bounce Back Expert.

Like you, I was completely thrown by how I felt after my breast cancer treatment had ended...that's why it's now my passion to help women like us to navigate this often confusing and challenging time.

Combining my 20+ years of experience and education within the health and wellness industry, my proven formula for bouncing back after major traumas (there have been many) PLUS of course, my own personal experience as a breast cancer & BRCA2 patient...I will gently guide you, to discover a calm and ease within your life that you never thought imaginable. 


What to Expect After Breast Cancer Treatment Ends