Healthy Living After Breast Cancer

Curl up on your couch, (P.J.'s always optional ) with your fave cup of tea, and join the most amazing supportive group of ladies who understand what it's like to have had breast cancer and want to enjoy a healthy future without the fear of getting sick again always following you around.


The 12 Secret Skin Care Ingredients You Need to Avoid After Breast Cancer

Sep 22, 2020

FACT: You are using products on your face and your body daily that likely contain carcinogens and hormone disrupting chemicals, which are increasing your risk for breast cancer, and other serious diseases and complications!

How can I be so sure? 

Because I was and I didn't have a clue. ...

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12 Simple Ways to Help Lower Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Jul 24, 2020

With a disease like Breast Cancer, I think so often we don't consider the fact that we might have some control over whether or not we are impacted by it or not.

BUT, what if I were to tell you that there are environmental causes of cancer that are responsible for 90% of breast cancer diagnosis?


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