All The Tools You Need To Calm Your Mind AND Boost Your Energy!

Created especially, but not exclusively, for Breast Cancer Survivors by Breast Cancer and BRCA2 Thriver, Health & Calmness Coach,  Karin Del Maestro.

If you're stressed-out and struggle with:

  • Anxiety
  • Over-thinking the "what if's" (and everything else!)
  • Overwhelm
  • Frustration
  • Fear
  • And so much more...

The Ultimate Crazed to Calm just for you!


According to an article by UCLA Health, Breast Cancer Survivors can see these benefits from being more mindful and calming their mind:

  • Improve sleep (and less fatigue)!
  • Increase focus!¬†
  • More emotional control!¬†
  • Stress reduction!¬†
  • Symptom relief for depression and anxiety!

Included in your FREE Ultimate Crazed to Calm Toolkit... 

50 Encouraging Phrases to Calm an Anxious Mind 


Listen anytime, anywhere from your cellphone. (Don't worry, you'll get simple directions to follow!)

Use whenever the "what if's" strike, and your mind starts to stress & spin! 

  • Upcoming scans?
  • Triggered by something a well-meaning friend says?
  • Another TV show depicting a journey you'd rather forget?
  • Anytime you start being hard on yourself for not being back to where you were before.

Use anytime, anywhere!

Even during an MRI to help you relax!


Calm Your Mind, Boost Your Energy


Delivered right to your inbox - no class to sign up for or timezone to figure out! Watch when it works for you!

In these short videos you'll learn:

  • How much energy,¬†your stressed-out mind is stealing from you!
  • 3 little known ways to calm your mind and preserve that precious energy for ways that YOU choose to spend it, even if¬†that's simply unloading and loading the dishwasher!!
  • Super simple tools, that don't include an ounce of meditation, that you CAN do, no matter what stage of recovery you are in, even if you're on medications that are making you more anxious and tired!

Calm Your Mind, Boost Your Energy


I know that your brain might not be what it used to be...

Give yourself permission to do what you need to do to set yourself up for success, and that often means taking notes:

  • Includes your Fatigue/Stress Tracker, for you to witness in black and white the link between them.
  • Refer back quickly and easily without needing to rewatch the videos (although you can if you'd like)
  • Writing has been proven to help with your memory retention, leading to less energy trying to remember something!

PLUS: You Don't Have To Do It Alone!

WE'VE BEEN SAVING YOU A SEAT... In the Facebook community that get's it!

You no longer have to walk this path alone...I've got you!

  • And, as you'll discover, it's not just me that's got you...our amazing, supportive, uplifting group of 1700+ women (and growing) worldwide, have each other's backs too!
  • Be yourself, express what's on your mind, ask questions, join me live for my weekly Crazed to Calm show.
  • If you want a group where you can feel the love and virtual hugs from your pink sisterhood...then this, my friend is your tribe!

Jeanne W. 

I listen as I'm falling asleep and it has helped me sleep so much better.

The 50 Encouraging Phrases to Calm an Anxious Mind recording has made the world of difference for me, I'm sleeping so much better! I was anxious about my upcoming MRI and Karin suggested that I ask if I can use it...they said YES!!! They're going to play it through the headphones!!

Barbara C.

It was exactly what I needed to learn how to quiet my mind and nervous system. 

Every time I meet with Karin, alone, with another person or in a group setting, I know I'm always safe and that I will learn something I can easily apply to my life circumstances. This calming tool kit was no exception!