Hi, I'm Karin

I'm going to show you how consistent self-care is the ONE thing you need to silence that nagging fear of breast cancer recurrence...let's get started ⬇️


Done with treatment...now what?

This can feel like a lonely, overwhelming and confusing time, but it doesn't have to be. 


You might feel like you should be happy because treatments done, and yet suddenly all of these different emotions are gushing up inside you. I get it, I felt the same way at the end of my treatment and what I learned is that...

The next stage of recovery actually STARTS after treatment ends!

I specialize in taking your hand and walking with you through this next stage, so that you don't have to sit waiting for the other show to drop and hear those spine chilling words again.


That's where I come in... I'm Karin Del Maestro, Board Certified Health Coach, Breast Cancer & BRCA2 Thriver and Self-Care Expert.

I understand that the hardest part of making any changes is knowing where to begin, especially when it comes to something that can feel so overwhelming, like reclaiming your life after breast cancer.


✔️Living each day with a smile on your face, realizing that you're no longer just surviving, waiting to sick again?

✔️Knowing exactly how to take care of yourself EVERY day, doing it with ease and without one single ounce of guilt?

✔️Feeling sexy and confident in your body, no matter your size or shape, boobs, foobs, one boob or no boobs, even if you didn't before you got sick?

✔️Having the energy to fulfill your wildest dreams, because you'll finally be excited to plan your future?

MOST IMPORTANTLY - Because I know that the LAST thing you need is more overwhelming, stress and anxiety inducing information, I'm going to give you the exact roadmap to follow to get you there...

Start here ⬇️

Consistent Self-Care is the ONE thing you need to silence your fear of recurrence!

And it doesn't need to be difficult, because I'm gifting you a 30-day calendar with quick, easy and inexpensive self-care tips, so that you can start practicing today!


"I love that Karin shares information in a way that is not overwhelming, which is usually how I feel when I try to follow some of my doctors' guidelines"

Natalie G.

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