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Healthy Living After Breast Cancer

A fun, inspiring and informative community focused on daily choices you can make that could reduce your risk of reoccurrence.


There are times in our life when we're presented with a unique and exciting opportunity to redefine the way we're living.

After breast cancer treatment happens to be one of those times, although there are many others...divorce, loss of a loved one, sickness, accidents, loss of a job to name just a few.

But, where do you start?

That's where I come in... I'm Karin Del Maestro, Board Certified Health Coach and Breast Cancer Survivor.

I specialize in helping you to bounce back back after going through a major trauma, like Breast Cancer. I use my 4-part proven system, Moving Forward, to help you create the vibrant, yet simple life you've been secretly dreaming of, that just might look and feel much different and improved than your pre-cancer life.


Not only do I help you bounce back, my goal is to teach you quick and easy tools that you can use daily, that could help to reduce your risk factors for reoccurrence. These include...

  • Ways to manage your stress and anxiety. 
  • Learning about the foods that fuel and energize you, not deplete you.
  • How to continue to take care of yourself, without feeling guilty.
  • How to transition to a toxin free home, without tons of stress or money!

MOST IMPORTANTLY - With everything I teach, I make it simple! Because I know that the LAST thing you need is more overwhelming, stress and anxiety inducing information. 

" Working with Karin is like getting a massive, comforting hug! She shows you how to clear the chaotic noise in your head and leaves you feeling calm, focused and in control."             ~ Anna P. 

The Ultimate Stress Busting Bundle

Especially for Breast Cancer Survivors who are interested in reducing their risk of reoccurrence.


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