#1: How I Stayed Calm While Waiting For 13 Biopsy Results


In this first episode of The Crazed to Calm Show, Karin will be sharing the exact steps that she recently took to stay calm in a time that previously would have made her anxious, scared and have a hard time stopping her brain from spinning.

It was after discovering a lump on one of her ribs, that multiple tests followed, a CT Scan, a PET Scan both showing abnormal lymph nodes in the mediastinum (the gap between our lungs under the rib cage).

Karin describes what she felt going through these tests, especially after hearing from one doctor that the PET Scan was lit up like a Christmas Tree!

But, most importantly, Karin shares how this time around, she handled the often excruciating time of waiting for results.


In this episode you'll discover:

  1. The things that people say and how it can affect anxiety
  2. What our doctors are not telling us!
  3. Karin's 4-Step Method to go from Crazed to C.A.L.M.


Crazed to Calm Tip Of The Week: Ask Yourself, Can I Control It?


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