#13: Thrive After Breast Cancer

after breast cancer


In today's episode I'm joined by Terri Sterk, a two-time breast cancer survivor, health and wellness coach, and author. 

Terri has spent seven years facilitating support groups and coaching women diagnosed with breast cancer and she now uses her story to serve women who have experienced trauma, including breast cancer, by assisting them to thrive by healing their body, mind, and spirit.


Join us to hear more about Terri's new book "Thrive After Breast Cancer". A heartfelt guide sharing Terri's personal journey and stories from numerous other survivors. 


The book provides a 3-part guide to recovery and wellness with actionable strategies, practical coping techniques, and renewed strength for reclaiming your life after a breast cancer diagnosis. 


Whether you're a survivor, a caregiver, or someone looking to support a loved one, this book offers valuable insights and empowering advice to grasp renewed strength to find confidence and hope.


To order your copy of "Thrive After Breast Cancer," simply CLICK HERE.




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