#6: Exploring Breast Implant Illness as a Root Cause For Symptoms

bii breast implant illness breast reconstruction side-effects

Karin is joined today by Cheyenne Burnett, the host of the upcoming Explant Secrets Summer Summit.

In this episode Karin and Cheyenne have a candid conversation about breast implant illness.

Discover why Karin reached out to Cheyenne, when she found out about the summit and why this might be of interest to you if you have breast implants, either after breast reconstruction or augmentation.

Cheyenne shares her journey of getting breast implants at 19, experiencing negative effects such as cystic acne, fatigue, and health issues for over 12 years. She eventually decided to remove the implants after experiencing worsening symptoms, including migraines and numbness in her face and arm. 

Cheyenne openly discussed her journey of experiencing severe symptoms, including migraines, breathing difficulties, gut issues, brain fog, and pain in her breasts, which she later realized were caused by her breast implants. She initially dismissed the connection but eventually acknowledged the possibility and sought to address the source of her health issues. 

Karin and Cheyenne discussed their experiences with doctors during their breast implant illness journey's. They both faced challenges with doctors dismissing their symptoms and attributing them to other causes, leading to frustration and a lack of answers. 

Cheyenne and Karin discussed the failures of the medical system in addressing breast implant-related health issues. They emphasized the importance of awareness, self-advocacy, and making informed choices for one's own health. 

Cheyenne and Karin discussed Cheyenne's journey of considering breast implant illness as the cause of her health issues.

With the support of her husband and the influence of advocates like Christina Roulund from Size Happy and Robin Towt of GPAC, Cheyenne decided to prioritize her health and explore the possibility of breast implant illness as the root cause of her symptoms. Both Robin and Christina will be speaking at the Explant Secrets Summer Summit.

Cheyenne and Karin discussed their experiences with breast implant illness and the decision to have their implants removed. They shared how the removal of implants improved their symptoms and emphasized the importance of having open conversations and finding support during this process. Cheyenne and Karin discussed the purpose of the summit, which is to provide information and support for women going through a healing journey after breast implant removal. They emphasized the importance of advocating for oneself and having access to the right information and support throughout the process

Karin and Cheyenne discussed an upcoming event called EXPLANT SECRETS SUMMER SUMMIT on August 17th, where they invited people to join and learn about breast implant illness and the process of removing breast implants. They mentioned that there would be 11 speakers covering various topics, and attendees would receive a digital gift bag with free resources from each speaker

Karin and Cheyenne had a heartfelt conversation about their friendship, the importance of connecting with others, and the impact of breast implants. They expressed gratitude, excitement, and a desire to meet in person, due to the importance of in-person support and understanding for individuals going through difficult experiences like breast cancer. They emphasized the power of being seen, understood, and validated by others who have gone through similar journeys, providing hope and inspiration for those who may feel isolated or afraid. 


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