#8: Are You Fed Up With Always Having to be "The Strong One"?

#crazedtocalm recovery



When someone says to you "you're so strong", do your toes curl, do you clench your jaw, and your head starts spinning?


Often responding with something like "I've had no choice"!


In todays episode I'm being joined by my dear friend and colleague Stacey Stone, movement and breath educator and founder of Stone BodyWorks.


We will be chatting about:


  1. The feeling and pressure of always having to be the strong one.


  1. How this feeling might be getting in the way of you moving forward in your life and recovery.


  1. How to reframe STRENGTH so that we can become much needed allies vs something to fight.

Join us for a casual yet informative conversation and see how you could redefine strength in your life as something to celebrate vs hide from.


You can connect with Stacey Stone at www.stonebodyworks.com

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