Cancer Coaches Corner Ep#1: What Cancer Taught Us



3 Amazing Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches (IIN), 3 Cancer Survivors, 3 women who now specialize in working with the cancer community!

Anne, Hayley and Karin have each been on their own cancer journey’s and in this special introductory episode will be sharing a behind-the-scenes look at what they each have learned going through cancer, how that has affected their lives moving forward and how they now help the cancer community at large… to help you get back on track with life, get your energy back and most importantly stay healthy!

Prepare to discover some silver linings to your own cancer journey that perhaps haven’t revealed themselves to you yet.

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Anne is a Certified Integrative Health Coach, AADP, Holding Space Consultant, Birth Doula, and Certified Medical Interpreter, CMI-Spanish. She has worked in many facets of healthcare for the past 22 years with regard to holding space for life’s sacred thresholds. Anne is passionate about supporting others to heal and transform their body-mind-spirit through an integrative approach so they can shift from “surviving” to fully thriving.

She is a consultant with Institute for The Study of Birth, Breath, and Death where she supports others navigating grief/loss and significant life changes through private consultations and support groups.

She brings a compassionate presence and empowers clients to re-ignite their inner healer for greater joy and vitality.

She has been featured in online summits, podcasts, retreats, a global docuseries, and 2 best-seller books.

Her motto in life is to live and love fully!


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Hayley is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, founder of reVIVE wellness, and host of The Cancer Liberation Project Podcast. As a 24-year ovarian cancer survivor, her passion is to help people overcome the physical, mental and emotional challenges that the cancer journey can bring.

Her focus is with individuals that have completed treatment for cancer as well as those with a strong family history. She teaches her clients how to nourish their body, mind and soul so that they can feel confident in their ability to remain healthy and cancer-free.


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Karin is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and has been working in the health and wellness fields for 20+ years. But, it was after her own Breast Cancer and BRCA2 diagnosis in 2018 that she realized she was uniquely qualified to serve breast cancer survivors, helping them after treatment has ended, to get back their get-up-and-go, get their life back on track, stop putting their needs on the back burner and feel amazing in the skin they are in…no matter how scarred they may be!

Karin specializes in working with Breast Cancer Survivors, Genetic Mutation Carriers & Healthy Lifestyle Seekers who readily focus their time and energy on their loved ones, but find it challenging to make time to take care of themselves and stick to the habits they know will help to keep healthy.

Karin has been featured on CNBC, HLN Morning show, Wink News and as a guest speaker on numerous podcasts and summits.

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