Is your sunscreen causing cancer?

Jun 02, 2020


I was shocked too...but keep reading, because you NEED to know this information, especially if you use sunscreen for yourself and your kids!!!

Growing up in the UK, when the sun came enjoyed it, EVERY last drop of it!!

Now, these are also the days where sunscreen wasn't super popular yet, but something that if we were going on holiday/vacation to Spain or France where the sun was "stronger" according to everyone you spoke to during that time, then, we used sunscreen.

Being blonde, blue eyed and covered with freckles, needless to say, I can't tell you how many times I got burned. Especially on my bony shoulders lol!!

Fast forward to twenty years with kids of my own, living in New Jersey, USA where we saw the sun much more frequently and in fact the summers were really hot and humid.

This was the 90's...we now knew that it was important to wear sunscreen, the kids never played outside in the sun without it. 

We followed the rules...

Put sunscreen on before we left the house, drove 20 minutes to the lake and played in the sun for the day. Reapplying every couple of hours and doing what we had been told to do.

But during this time, I started to notice strange looking freckles on my skin, and knowing my history went to get things checked out.

Was I anxious?? Oh yeah!  I knew that I'd burned in the past and according to everything I'd read...this made a difference.

My anxiety was warranted...over the following 10 years, I was diagnosed with 3 different areas of skin cancer. Thankfully none of which were malignant melanoma, but basal cell carcinoma. 

NOW, I listened to my dermatologist, and followed her directions implicitly, for both myself and my kids. We used the sunscreen she recommended (A well known brand, SPF 80) and crossed our fingers that all would be ok.

I wish I knew then, what I know now...

Honestly, I didn't think I needed to question my doctor's recommendation, she had discovered 3 cancerous areas on my body and I trusted her!!

But, I was introduced to a game changing organization, who tests products, like sunscreen, make-up, skin care (and so much more) for harmful ingredients.

"Karin, what do you mean, harmful ingredients??"

Trust me, I had the very same reaction...

You see, I didn't know that sunscreen ingredients are not generally tested for human safety. In fact, 80% of the personal care products on our shelves have NEVER been tested for human safety!!!!

And, when I looked up the brand I was using, the one recommended to me by my dermatologist, the one I had been using on my kids, as well as myself...

I discovered that on a toxicity scale of 1-10, (1 being the lowest, 10 the highest) this one was an 8...


Say what???

This is when I got REALLY angry.

Not something that happens often to me, that's why I remember this moment so clearly! 

Why was I using a product to prevent cancer, that actually contained ingredients KNOWN to cause cancer????

I would almost guarantee, that your sunscreen does too. And you deserve to know what you're using on your body and on your kids and grandkids! 

I invite you to watch this quick training and I'll show you exactly how to find out how toxic or (hopefully) not toxic your sunscreen is! 


This is where I discovered how toxic my sunscreen was. This changed my awareness of toxic ingredients and my health. I discovered a safer alternative, with no harmful, toxic, cancer causing ingredients so that I can still be protected in the sun without worrying about my overall health! 

P.S. Was I angry at my dermatologist? Initially yes, but then I learned that as a DOCTOR, they DO NOT STUDY toxicity within products. Unless it's of a personal interest to that specific doctor.

Mine, went on to do her own studies, once I had brought this to her attention and now makes a different recommendation to her patients...the same brand as I use now.


Environmental Working Group Website:

CLICK HERE for the sunscreen I choose for myself and my family.

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