Day 6 of 31: Limiting Media Exposure to Remain Calm

calm media setting boundaries

Welcome back, in today's episode we’re talking about the benefits of limiting your media exposure to help you stay calm.

Have you ever noticed your heart rate increasing as you're watching an event unfold on the news? Me too! That's why I stopped watching the news!

Karin shares her personal experience of reducing media consumption, especially news, to maintain a sense of calm.


Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode…


  1. Choosing What You Consume

   - Be mindful of how media, including news, affects your emotions and mental state.

   - The importance of choosing media content that aligns with your emotional well-being.


  1. Setting Boundaries

   - The significance of setting boundaries with media consumption, such as reducing the time spent watching the news or browsing news apps.

   - Emphasize the idea that boundaries help protect your mental and emotional health.


  1. Choose Restorative Alternatives

   - Suggestions for  alternative activities that can replace media consumption during designated media-free times.

   - Activities like reading, going for a mindful walk, doing breathing exercises, listening to music, talking to friends, or even working on a jigsaw puzzle.


Calm Action of the Day:

Designate specific media-free times each day to experiment with limiting media exposure.

- During these designated times, engage in soothing and restorative activities of your choice.

- It's an opportunity to assess how reducing media consumption impacts your overall sense of calm.


By the end of this 31-day journey, this practice is expected to contribute significantly to your sense of calm and well-being.


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