Day 5 of 31: Observing Your Breath to Remain Calm After Breast Cancer

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Welcome back to "Remaining Calm through October and Beyond." I'm your host, Karin Del Maestro, a Health and Calmness Coach, and a breast cancer survivor.

In this 31-day series, our goal is to help you invite more calm into your life through simple, quick, and free techniques that can be practiced even when life feels chaotic.

Today, you'll learn:

  1. Observing Your Breathing Patterns

   - Begin by taking a moment to observe how you breathe. Where do you feel your breath in your body? Is it shallow? High in your chest? Are your shoulders tense?

   - By becoming aware of your breathing patterns, you can identify areas of tension and stress in your body.


  1. The Power of Nasal Breathing

   - Discover Buteyko Breathing," a calming breath technique that involves breathing in and out through your nose. 

   - Unlike traditional deep breaths, Buteyko Breathing encourages you to inhale and exhale through the nose, promoting relaxation and calmness. Learn more about Buteyko Breathing here:

  1. How to Practice Nasal Breathing

   - Begin by sitting quietly, or you can practice this technique while walking, driving, or even during a doctor's appointment.

   - Inhale through your nose for a count of four, then hold for four counts. Exhale through your nose for four counts, and hold for four counts.

   - If the four-count cycle feels too long, you can adjust it to a duration that suits you.

   - Observe how this diaphragmatic breath makes you feel and helps shift your nervous system from fight-or-flight (sympathetic) to rest-and-digest (parasympathetic).


*Calm Action of the Day:*

- Practice Nasal Breathing for a few minutes. Pay attention to how it feels in your body and how it impacts your level of tension and stress.

- Be curious about the changes you notice, and don't judge yourself during this practice.


Breathing is a powerful tool to bring more calm into your life. It's a practice, not about perfection.

As we conclude today's episode, take a moment to send words of love and care to your inner 10-year-old self. You are loved, you are safe, and you've got this.

Thank you for joining us today. Have a calm and beautiful day, and keep becoming more aware of your breath.


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