Day 8: The Power of Music to Remain Calm

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Welcome back to the 31 Calming Tips podcast series to support you in Remaining Calm Through October.

Even if you haven't personally experienced breast cancer, the tips shared in this series can bring more calm into your life.

Today's episode delves into the profound effects of music on our emotions and overall well-being.


You’ll discover the benefits of music for emotional wellness:


  1. Mood Enhancement Through Music

   - Karin talks about how different types of music can influence emotions. For example, upbeat songs can boost your spirits and make you feel happy.

   -Karin shares her personal experiences with music genres that uplift your mood, such as Motown and Abba.


  1. Using Music for Coping and Healing

   - The role of music in processing and coping with emotions, including grief and sadness.

   -How specific songs can become therapeutic tools for acknowledging and embracing difficult feelings. 

You can find the music of Amy Camie - The Healing Harpist HERE:

  1. Creating Your Calming Playlist

   -Think about the kind of music that resonates with you and creates a sense of calm.

   - Try creating a calming playlist on music streaming platforms, for easy access when you need it.


Calm Action of the Day:

- Begin creating your own calming playlist, selecting songs that soothe your soul and evoke feelings of calmness.

- Consider the variety of music genres and artists that genuinely resonate with you.

- Remember that you have the power to choose the music that influences your mood.


I’d love to connect so that you can share your music choices. Send me a DM on Instagram @KarinDel34



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