Surrounded by People, Yet Feeling Alone.


In this episode of Heart to Heart (Mondays @ Noon EST /9amPST) I'm going to be talking about something that I hear constantly...


"Karin, I have a great support system, but I feel SO alone...why?"

The emotional side of Breast Cancer isn't often discussed, but it can most often feel incredibly isolating...especially after treatment has ended. 

I remember feeling like I'd been walking the high wire, as I'd been going through my surgeries...but I always felt there was a safety net, until active treatment ended.


I was scared, confused, completely exhausted, brain fog, body aches and crippling fatigue...and I kept asking...WHAT NOW?


On top of that, it's that time where our support system is expecting us to be "done" and to just jump right back into our pre-cancer life...but we are not feeling it at all...and it can feel incredibly isolating.

In this episode you'll discover:


~ What most people experience after treatment ends!

~ Why we feel so isolated!

~ What you can do immediately to start kicking that feeling to the curb!


My mission is that NO WOMAN will ever feel alone after treatment ends...and I take that really seriously!

xoxo Karin

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