Healthy Living After Breast Cancer

Curl up on your couch, (P.J.'s always optional ) with your fave cup of tea, and join the most amazing supportive group of ladies who understand what it's like to have had breast cancer and want to enjoy a healthy future without the fear of getting sick again always following you around.


Is your sunscreen causing cancer?

Jun 02, 2020


I was shocked too...but keep reading, because you NEED to know this information, especially if you use sunscreen for yourself and your kids!!!

Growing up in the UK, when the sun came enjoyed it, EVERY last drop of it!!

Now, these are also the days where sunscreen wasn't...

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BBQ and Cancer...what you need to know.

May 26, 2020

With the official start of summer in the US...Memorial Day, comes the often used BBQ, but there's been much talk over the past couple of years especially, about grilling/BBQing and cancer.

It's something I'm often asked about, especially from the breast cancer survivors I work with who are...

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5 Ways That CBD Oil Can Help You Today!

Apr 23, 2020

As you research CBD oil, you’ll be surprised to find that it has a remarkably versatile set of uses, such that everyone can probably find a way to make CBD a useful addition to their lives. But, is CBD right for you?

In general, CBD is non- sedating and does not make you high (make sure...

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