Healthy Living After Breast Cancer

Curl up on your couch, (P.J.'s always optional ) with your fave cup of tea, and join the most amazing supportive group of ladies who understand what it's like to have had breast cancer and want to enjoy a healthy future without the fear of getting sick again always following you around.


#3: How mother & daughter are dealing with breast cancer and BRCA2 diagnosis

Oct 14, 2020

In this episode I'm joined by my amazing daughter, Paige Haddy. We chat about my breast cancer and BRCA2 diagnosis, how it impacted her and what action she then decided to take based on that information.

It's not often that you see a family discussing a breast cancer diagnosis and so we wanted to...

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Genetic Testing For Breast Cancer

Sep 27, 2020

While BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations may increase your odds of developing breast cancer, your odds of having either mutation are pretty small. An estimated 0.25% of the general population carries a mutated BRCA gene, or about one out of every 400 people.

I didn't for one second imagine that I...

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BRCA - The Breast Cancer Gene

Sep 27, 2020

Getting a BRCA diagnosis is life altering. In one moment you go from believing that your chance of breast cancer is 1 in 8, to now 1 in 2. 

I was diagnosed in July 2018, with both breast cancer and the BRCA2 genetic mutation.

What is a Gene?

Each person’s DNA contains the code used...

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