#14: Body Image After Breast Cancer: Regaining Confidence

May 13, 2021
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Karin Del Maestro
#14: Body Image After Breast Cancer: Regaining Confidence

We can often find ourselves looking in the mirror and not recognizing the woman staring back at us.

Our identify rocked at its core and any self confidence we may have had before often having flown the coup, leaving us feeling ugly, disfigured, depressed and more often than not...alone.

In the Healthy Living After Breast Can Community this month we are deep diving into body love after our breast cancer journey...JOIN US HERE.

  • Listen in to discover how all of our negative self-talk can actually increase our risk of getting sick again.
  • Why being a people pleaser is something to start letting go of, to help regain confidence.
  • How self-love affects your heart health ...the organ that lies beneath our breasts.
  • A mindful moment to start giving yourself the care you deserve through your own physical touch.

We'll be continuing the conversation in the Healthy Living After Breast Cancer Community, simply CLICK HERE to join in.

Please feel free to share this episode (and the love) with someone you know who might be struggling with feeling confident in their body after breast cancer.

If you're looking for a great place to start loving your body, especially after a breast cancer journey, I've put together a FREE GIFT for you: 10 Powerful Affirmations for Body Love After Breast Cancer.


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