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Curl up on your couch, (P.J.'s always optional ) with your fave cup of tea, and join the most amazing supportive group of ladies who understand what it's like to have had breast cancer and want to enjoy a healthy future without the fear of getting sick again always following you around.


#12: Is the Daily Hustle & Bustle of Life Feeling Overwhelming?

Apr 10, 2021
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Karin Del Maestro
#12: Is the Daily Hustle & Bustle of Life Feeling Overwhelming?

Are there days where you just want to hide under the covers? You feel like you don't have the energy or just don’t want to deal with the BS anymore?

Welcome to the club! The breast cancer survivors club, that is!

This is completely normal and something I hear all the time from the breast...

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#11: Surely, I should be able to do what I used to? But I'm so exhausted!

Apr 10, 2021
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Karin Del Maestro
#11: Surely, I should be able to do what I used to? But I'm so exhausted!

Did you expect treatment to end and you’d be able to just bounce back into your pre-cancer life and level of activity?

You are not alone!

I’d like to share a story about one of my clients, don't worry, she gave me permission to share (as long as I changed her name) I’m going to...

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#10: Surprised & Confused by How You've Been Feeling Since Treatment Ended?

Apr 06, 2021
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Karin Del Maestro
#10: Surprised & Confused by How You've Been Feeling Since Treatment Ended?

Do you feel like you're supposed to be jumping for joy? But instead find yourself balling your eyes out at the drop of a hat, having a hard time getting out of bed, hurting all over and the hot flashes….OMG!!! What’s wrong with me???

I get it, I felt the same hit me like a...

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#9: The Importance of Taking Time For Yourself

Dec 03, 2020

I think that most of us know logically that it's important to take time for ourselves...however the level of that importance changes massively when you know HOW it can affect your risk of breast cancer or its recurrence!

In today's episode I'm going to share why this especially important now and...

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#8: Finding Gratitude When You Think There's Nothing to be Grateful For

Nov 26, 2020

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the USA. a day where we focus on being thankful. But for many, it can also be a super difficult day, especially if you are going through a major health issue, like breast cancer or find yourself amidst a critical family emergency, like myself this year.

It can often...

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#7: What to Expect After Breast Cancer Treatment Ends

Nov 12, 2020

Did hearing the words "See you in 3 months" send you into a tailspin too? 

In this episode I'll be sharing...

  • What's "normal" during this period
  • What your next steps should be
  • How to cope with the fear of recurrence
  • AND I'll be sharing what you need to do next to learn 3 little known...
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#6: When will I feel like "ME" again?

Nov 05, 2020

In this weeks episode, I speak to a question I'm frequently asked...When will I feel like "ME" again?

Here are some of the things we consider, when looking for the answer:

  • Are you the same woman?
  • Are you trying to go BACK to your pre-cancer life, but realize it's not quite fitting?
  • The formula...
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#3: How mother & daughter are dealing with breast cancer and BRCA2 diagnosis

Oct 14, 2020

In this episode I'm joined by my amazing daughter, Paige Haddy. We chat about my breast cancer and BRCA2 diagnosis, how it impacted her and what action she then decided to take based on that information.

It's not often that you see a family discussing a breast cancer diagnosis and so we wanted to...

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#2: October Isn't Always Easy For Breast Cancer Survivors

Oct 08, 2020

In today's episode I talk about how October is not always an easy month for breast cancer survivors or those still going through treatment.

This is helpful for both those of us going through it, on the other side of it and also our care givers.

perhaps you have a friend or family member who needs...

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