#21: What Breast Cancer Can Look & Feel Like

Karin Del Maestro
#21: What Breast Cancer Can Look & Feel Like

Most of us are looking for a lump while doing our monthly self-exam. But, there are actually 12 signs we need to be looking & feeling for!

And for those of you...like me, who are survivors and wondering if you still need to do your self-exam...the answer is a resounding... YES!


One of the best acts of self-care is our monthly breast self-exam, but there's very little education around how to actually do it correctly and what exactly to look out for.

I go into a lot of detail about this in my online breast health classes, but knowing that if you catch this disease at stage 0-1 our survival rate after 5 years is 99%.

We want to catch it early and so knowing what to look for each month is really crucial.


Let’s take a peek at the 12 signs you want to be on the lookout and feel out for…

Know that these don’t all mean that it’s cancer...but these are signs that require further investigation by your medical professional.

(Don't worry about writing them all down...I've got a great graphic for you to download from the Know Your Lemons Foundation ⬇️)


  1. Feeling a thick area of skin
  2. A dimple in your breast
  3. Crusty nipple
  4. Any redness or heat
  5. Any new fluid
  6. Skin sores
  7. A new bump
  8. Growing vein
  9. Sunken nipple
  10. New shape/size
  11. Orange peel skin
  12. Hard lump like a lemon seed.




Finding these things can be shocking, and we often ignore them thinking they’ll go away...but you know that they stay in the back of your mind and your fear just keeps growing. It takes a certain amount of courage to get things looked at, but you’ll feel much better when you do.


Know that you are never alone, I’m always here to support you...thats what I love about teaching the breast health party...we do our exam together, supporting each other.

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