#22: Do I Still Need to do a Breast Self-Exam After Mastectomy?

Jul 07, 2021
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Karin Del Maestro
#22: Do I Still Need to do a Breast Self-Exam After Mastectomy?

You may be thinking that you’re in the clear...you’ve removed your breasts, gone through the trauma of a mastectomy or DMX...surely you don’t need to worry about doing a self-exam any more??  Wrong!

Even though our breast tissue has been removed, we still have lymph nodes and even some breast tissue remaining.

It can feel hard to look at our new bodies, hard to touch….I know that it was a process to get to know my new body.

Important to touch our body... it's a pure form of self-love


  1. Touch your breast area every day
  2. Look in the mirror with love not criticism
  3. Know that we often have swollen lymph nodes

But if we are not looking or touching, how do we know if something is changing or needs further inspection?

I know it's not easy...but getting to know and love your post breast cancer body is crucial to enjoying our life going forward...and there's a confidence that happens when we begin to love the skin we're in.

I warmly invite you to join us in the BREAST HEALTH PARTY...let's get comfortable touching our bodies together (don't worry, we keep our clothes on!).

You even have an opportunity to ask me those nagging questions...in a supportive, caring environment. 



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