3 Things Your Oncologist May Not Have Told You, About Life After Breast Cancer

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Have you been surprised and confused since treatment ended about how you’ve been feeling?  And really wish that someone would have given you the heads up and let you know you would likely not be just jumping right back into your pre-cancer life?


You would not be alone…


Most of the women I speak with feel the same way and many of them feel exactly like I did…I wonder if you can relate…

Sitting in my doctors office, hearing the words “I’ll see you in 3 months” brought about a reaction I was not ready for….

I honestly thought I’d be jumping for joy, wasn’t this the milestone I’d been waiting for?Active treatment was finished!  (yes, I had continuing meds…but the weekly and monthly visits were done)

But I was not ready for the gut wrenching sob that came next. Neither was my poor hubby or the Doctor! I hugged her tightly, and said "I'm not ready to break up with you yet!" to which she smiled and said "It's not forever, it's just 3 months!"

As you are well aware, that 3 months felt like a lifetime after having the safety net of the medical team keeping me safe 24 hours a day for the past year.

But, as a sat into this feeling...

  • Pure, to the bone exhaustion
  • Crying at the drop of a hat
  • Brain fog, where I'd even forget the word I was trying to say
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Not even wanting to get out of bed

I began to realize over the 2 weeks that followed...as I researched "is this normal?" that it indeed is...but we're not told.

That’s what prompted me to shift my coaching practice to now specialize in working with Breast Cancer Survivors at this crucial time in our journey, when we feel like the safety net has been pulled out from under us.

That being said...

Let’s shed some light on 3 Things Your Oncologist may not have told you, about life after breast cancer…


  1. The next stage of recovery actually starts AFTER active treatment ends, this is the stage when the real physical, emotional and mental healing begins. Up until now…you’ve been going going going…from one apt to the next, one test and then the dreaded waiting time for the results, you’ve been in survival mode. 


  1. When the running stops…menopausal symptoms are the most common side-effects of all treatment 
  1. We can expect to be completely wiped out…you have fought a battle (no matter what your course of treatment was, even if you didn’t need chemo or radiation). This is NOT an easy path for anyone! 
  2. Emotional at the drop of a hat
  3. Joint & Muscle Pain
  4. Brain fog
  5. Buddha Belly
  6. Mood swings & hot flashes
  7. People around you most likely will not understand
  8. You might try to push yourself back into your pre-cancer life and your body might tell you to slow the heck down and let you know it needs more time.
  9. You’ll probably keep wishing that you just felt like your old self


  1. Ready for the good news? You don’t just have to suck it up and do nothing!


It’s going to be a while until you feel like yourself again (in fact there’s an equation)...

A = Date of diagnosis

B = Date of last active treatment

C = B - A = approximate length of time before you'll start to feel like yourself again!

But the sucked dry feeling you’re experiencing…running on fumes with barely enough energy to exist feeling…and although you may feel stuck, there are so many small but mighty things you can do. That’s where I come in…

#1 You’ll never have the vitality you’re craving, unless you stop putting yourself last.

#2 What you eat matters… A LOT! Veg/vegan/screw it I’ve had cancer, I'll eat what I want (I've got a FREE 5-Day Challenge Eating for Energy, After Breast Cancer coming up - CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS)

#3 Create your stress management plan… before you end up super stressed.

#4 Get rid of chronic fatigue inducing ingredients from the chemicals used in your home and personal care products.


Summary: 3 Things Your Oncologist didn't tell you about life after breast cancer!

  • The next stage of recovery starts after treatment ends
  • How wiped out you’d really feel as well as all of those other menopausal symptoms
  • That you don’t just have to suck it up, especially when you have Karin in your community!


Be intentional with what you eat, and see your energy soar!


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