4 Quick Tips to Help You Eat Clean During the Holidays

clean eating


Temptations are everywhere throughout the holiday season...have you ever been at a holiday party and camped out next to the buffet?

That used to be me...Brie, crackers, all of the nibbles...but we all know how we feel the next day...sluggish, bloated, needing a nap...even if we haven’t over indulged in alcohol.

 I know so many of the women I work with feel that they should be able to eat and drink whatever they want...they've had cancer and so they should enjoy every moment and not live in deprivation...maybe this feels familiar to you?

Now, I'm not here to judge...we are all on our own paths...BUT, I do know that if you want to feel like your pre-breast cancer self (or better!!) to have energy to participate and enjoy your life...then the over indulging will not get you there!

YOU are your biggest block to getting back your get-up-and-go and until you get your self-care in check, you'll never have the vibrancy you're craving ...I say this with love and a velvet hammer đź’–

Where do we start?

By focusing on HEALth, not DIEting.

Don’t think about this as a “diet”, since that seems to be a dirty word that can give you the wrong impression. Instead, tell yourself you are going to be healthier during the holiday season and really focus on that. 

Every time you are deciding what to eat, think about your health and decide how you are going to nourish your body, if it is going to give you more energy,

Here are 4 quick tips and tricks to focus more on your health and less on being on a diet.

    1. Know what is in everything you eat. 

    2. Offer to make more dishes for parties and holiday events. 

    3.  Aim for a healthy balance in all your meals and snacks.

    4.  Try to add more fruits and veggies. 



These simple changes make a really big difference!

I've even put together a guide to help you out with more tips ...yours when you join the Healthy Living After Breast Cancer Facebook Group FREE GUIDE: How to Eat Clean to Stay Energized During the Holidays


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