Day 1 of 31: Recognizing Triggers to Remain Calm

calm october trauma triggers

Today we kick off our 31 days together, this series aims to provide listeners, especially breast cancer survivors, with valuable tips to stay calm not only during October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) but to carry with them throughout their lives.


In this episode, we're talking about recognizing triggers, and this is so valuable, especially this month, if you or a loved one has ever heard the spine chilling words "you have breast cancer".

You'll learn: 



  1. Understanding Triggers and Trauma

   - Karin discusses the concept of triggers and how they often result from experiencing trauma, such as a breast cancer diagnosis.

   - She sheds light on the high percentage of breast cancer survivors experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the lack of awareness around it.


  1. Identifying Trigger Responses

   - Karin delves into how individuals react when triggered, highlighting the four common responses: fight, flight, freeze, and fawn.

   - She shares personal examples of her own reactions and invites listeners to recognize their own responses.


  1. The Power of Self-Recognition and Self-Kindness

   - Karin emphasizes the importance of recognizing when you're being triggered and understanding why you might react in a certain way.

   - She stresses that there is nothing wrong with these automatic trauma responses, and encourages self-kindness as the first step toward recovery and calmness.


CALM DAILY ACTION: Simply recognize…when you are being triggered and understand why you might be reacting the way you are. Be kind…you’ve been through a lot!


Gently place your hands over your heart and repeat, as you share this with your 10 year old self...You are loved, you are safe, I’ve got you, I love you!





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