Day 2 of 31: Setting Boundaries to Remain Calm

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Welcome back to our 31-day journey of remaining calm, especially relevant for breast cancer survivors who deal with the impacts of their diagnosis year-round.

Join your Host: Karin Del Maestro, Health Transformation and Calmness Coach, and breast cancer survivor.

You'll learn:

  1. Understanding the Importance of Setting Boundaries

   - Breast cancer survivors often struggle with setting boundaries.

   - Many feel compelled to say yes, even when their plates are overloaded.

   - Karin shares her personal experience as a former people pleaser and the need for self-awareness and self-compassion in this journey.


  1. The Power of Boundaries in Preserving Energy

   - During cancer treatment, it becomes easier to say no, and that's okay.

   - Boundaries help preserve finite energy levels, which can fluctuate daily.

   - Don't miss Karin's analogy of patching holes in a teapot: Every time you set a boundary and say no, you conserve your energy.


  1. The Art of Setting Boundaries Without Guilt

   - Learning to say no comfortably without feeling guilty is a game changer.

   - Karin advises keeping it simple and avoiding over-explanation when setting boundaries.

   - Boundaries are about self-care, not selfishness; they help you stay calm in the face of challenges.


*Calming Action of the Day:*

- Identify at least one boundary you want to set this month and communicate it clearly to someone without feeling guilty. Practice self-compassion and remember that setting boundaries is a form of self-care.



 Remember, you are not alone in this journey, and self-care is essential for your well-being.


"Karin Del Maestro provides valuable insights and actionable steps to help survivors navigate their journeys with greater calmness and self-empowerment" ~ Laura S.


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