Discover the one thing I changed that 2 days later led to multiple compliments on my skin!

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Have you ever noticed that during times of stress, your skin starts to suffer too?

Is it the stress?

Is it the hormones going wacky because of the stress?

Is it the toxic chemicals in our homes & things we use on our skin?

Is it that when we're stressed we forget to drink our water, or reach for more candy, cookies, cheese, chips and wine?

Honestly, it's all of the above!

They can all impact how our skin looks and feels!

And for most of us...these are things we're faced with everyday right now. Plus the fact that we can't get out to go see the dermatologist or to get a what can we do at home to still get that youthful glow we all crave?

Well, let me tell you about something I added to my skin regime just 2 days ago...that has led to a whole bunch of compliments already...

CRAZY!!! In just 2 days!!!

That's why I had to write this, because I'm not selfish and want all of you to be able to have glowing skin too!

Now, you know, as someone who doesn't like to use harmful chemicals on my skin, I'm obsessed with the leader of the clean beauty movement, Beautycounter and they have stepped up their game yet again with their BRAND NEW - sunshine in a bottle...

Counter+ All Bright C Serum

This ultra-potent 10% blend of two forms of vitamin C, instantly brightens skin and helps reduce the appearance of existing dark spots, while antioxidant-rich turmeric and camu camu extracts help protect against new ones.

The formula also helps defend skin from the damaging effects of environmental stressors—revealing a more youthful-looking complexion.

Click HERE to shop or learn more about this AMAZING VITAMIN C SERUM.

I can't wait to see my skin in a couple of weeks!

If you have any questions about Beautycounter, the products, or if you need a side/main job right now - just shoot me a quick email : [email protected]




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