How the lack of self-care impacts your ENERGY & YOUR LIFE!


What we so often don't realize is the link between one thing in our life and how it can directly affect other parts of our life.

After watching today's video, you'll be super clear on what happens to your energy level, when you are not practicing the right kind of self-care...but also, how it can impact areas of your life that perhaps you're not realizing right now.

This isn't your fault, you simply haven't learned how to prioritize taking better care of yourself yet. You are in the right place though, because I am an expert at helping you to do this, especially after breast cancer!

And in the video I show you what happens when we work together to "top up your teapot" every day.

Yes, I'm bringing my British upbringing into our video today lol.

So, go grab yourself a cup of tea, set aside 20 minutes (totally worth your time, I promise!) and get comfy.

After watching, I warmly invite you to join us for the...

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I'll be showing you how to top up your teapot, even when there's no time, or you're too busy worrying about everyone else in your household. I've got ya!

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