Day 3 of 31: Mindful Walking To Remain Calm

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Welcome back to day 3 of our series for remaining calm through October. Karin Del Maestro, your Health Transformation and Calmness Coach, is here to discuss a powerful practice: mindful walking for calmness and how it can positively impact your mental and physical health.


Today you’ll discover:


  1. Mindful Walking and Mental Well-being

   - Mindful walking is about integrating mindfulness with movement.

   - It encourages awareness of each step, releasing judgment about speed or distance.

   - Mindful walking promotes mental exercise alongside physical exercise, offering a two-fold benefit for breast cancer survivors.


  1. Connecting with Nature for Calmness

   - Connecting with nature during your walk can be spiritually grounding.

   - Studies suggest that just 20 minutes of light walking in nature can alleviate mild depression and anxiety while improving attention span.

   - Nature observation, like watching birds or appreciating seasonal changes, further enhances the calming effect.


  1. Sharing Your Mindful Walking Experience

   - Encouragement to incorporate a 10-minute mindful walk in nature into your routine.

   - Reflect on your experience by journaling or sharing with friends or family.

   - By sharing, you inspire others to connect with nature, experience calmness, and stay present.


*Calm Action of the Day:*

- Perform a 10-minute mindful walk in nature, focusing on awareness of each step and your surroundings.

- Observe and appreciate the natural beauty around you, from trees to the sky and wildlife.

- Reflect on your experience through journaling or sharing with someone to spread calm.

As you finish your episode today, remember that embracing nature and practicing mindfulness can significantly impact your well-being.

Share your experiences with the Healthy Living After Breast Cancer Facebook community.

Tune in tomorrow for another insightful episode. Take care and stay calm. 


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