My Top 4 Tips for Reclaiming Your Energy After Breast Cancer



This week I want to share my top 4 quick and easy ways to start reclaiming your energy, especially after breast cancer.

As you well know, our energy levels affects everything in our day to day life, so when we have more energy...everyone around us is grateful that we're not so short tempered, or hard on truly makes for a much better living situation!

So, let's dive the video for more in depth information.

1. The Right Foods

What you eat has the power to supercharge your energy, or suck you dry!

And as you can imagine, something we do as little as 3 times a day (let's be real, often more) can have a huge bang for your buck!

You may not know this about me yet, but I do NOT believe in diets...they don't work! (I talk more about this is in this week's video)

My approach is to eat foods that help to lower inflammation in our body.


2. Managing Stress

Have you noticed that when you feel stressed or anxious, you also feel wiped out?

Managing stress is a huge part of reclaiming our energy. YES, I know that having breast cancer is really stressful...and how our illness affects everyone around us, is also stressful.

I invite you to consider this...our body's response to stress can cause, not only hormone imbalances (pay attention hormone receptive breast cancer ladies 🙋‍♀️, that includes me)...but also, inflammation.

Both of which can lead to exhaustion!!


3. Reducing Toxins

Many of us aren't aware that our homes are full of hormone disrupting, cancer causing, energy sucking toxic chemicals.

And with the average American (prior to COVID) spending 70% of our time in our homes...this really matters!

These chemicals are our cleaning & laundry products, make-up & skin-care, shampoos, sunscreens and deodorant to mention just a few!

Making budget friendly swaps, isn't hard when you know what to look for.


4. Where your mind goes, your energy flows

How much of your day is spent thinking about...



Significant others?




Worrying, about what other people think, or say or do?

Scrolling social media, comparing yourself to others and feeling like you're not doing so well?

The state of the world?

Then ask yourself...

How can you expect to get your energy back, when you spend all of your time and energy focusing on everyone else?

YOU, my friend, have to come first if you want your energy back!


Now, you may be wondering, HOW???

Don't worry, I've got your back!

I've actually put together an easy peasy, self-paced online program for you to follow. This program will give you all the tools you need to effortlessly begin to implement these tips into your daily life and get back your get-up-and-go and start living again.


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