Day 7 of 31: Finding The Right Support Groups to Remain Calm

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Welcome back to the 31 Days of Calming Tips podcast series. In today's episode, we'll explore the immense benefits of connecting with breast cancer support groups.

I’m your host, Karin Del Maestro, and I’ll be sharing my personal journey and commitment to helping breast cancer survivors regain their energy and find their path forward.

In this episode, we’ll cover:


1.Connecting with Empathetic Communities

   - Emphasize the importance of connecting with support groups where members truly understand the complexities of the breast cancer journey.

   - Highlight the power of sharing experiences and emotions with those who can relate.


  1. Overcoming Isolation

   - Discuss the sense of isolation that many breast cancer survivors feel, especially during the post-treatment phase.

   - Stress the relief and comfort that comes from realizing you're not alone in your struggles.


  1. Participation and Self-Care

   - Encourage active participation in support groups, whether through sharing or listening, to derive the most benefit.

   - Remind survivors to prioritize self-care and seek support for their emotional and mental healing.


*Calm Action of the Day:*

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