30 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Stay Healthy 

Proven daily habits for Breast Cancer Survivors who
want to boost their energy, minimize side-effects AND lower their risk for recurrence.

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Here’s What’s Inside…

  • The one thing you need to focus on as your overall roadmap to staying healthy!
  • 30 simple methods you can put into practice to start seeing results right away!
  • Silence the nagging fear of recurrence when you finally know what you need to do, and start to take action!
  • The exact steps I take daily to stay healthy and lower my risk of recurrence!

"I love that Karin shares such simple tips, that I can actually follow, instead of feeling overwhelmed and confused when I leave my Doctors office!"

Natalie G.

"Karin, I'm done with treatment, what now?" 

Whether you were well prepared by your medical team, or like most, had zero clue what to expect after active treatment had ended...you find yourself wondering..."what now?"

What CAN you do to stay healthy and not hear those spine chilling words again?

Grab my free guide to create a healthier future AND finally stop constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop!

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A Note from Karin...

Confused, completely wiped out, crying for no reason, not able to string a sentence together and scared that I'd get sick again...what was wrong with me?

I wasn't at all prepared for how I felt after treatment ended...I expected to be jumping for joy...yet felt the complete opposite!

It was in the weeks and months that followed, when I started to combine my extensive education and personal knowledge, accumulated over the past 20+ years, working in health and wellness to uniquely help women at this crucial stage of recovery...starting with myself!

In this guide I'm sharing the exact steps I take daily to stay healthy, boost my energy, minimize side-effects from medications AND allow me to live without the constant nagging fear of getting sick again!

I want those exact same things for you...so I'm holding nothing back!

Your loving Health & Transformation Coach, Breast Cancer & BRCA2 Thriver,

xoxo Karin  

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