Over the past 20 years, I've helped hundreds of women to move forward in their lives.  It's always an honor, and not something I take for granted, to be invited to join & support you on that journey. xoxo Karin

Hi, I'm Karin...

I specialize in working with women who've gone on a breast cancer journey and after treatment are left wondering...what now?

Do you just go back to your pre-cancer life? Do you need to change your eating habits to help reduce the risk of reoccurrence? Are there other lifestyle changes that would help you feel healthier and more energized? 

I take away that sense of anxiousness,  overwhelm and uncertainty and help you to reset your body and your health, while helping you to create a life that fits you, where you are in your life today and I do this in manageable bite-sized nuggets by guiding you through my  3 - Part Proven System.

How did I get here...?

I’m incredibly grateful for what I’ve learned about myself and the internal peace and calm that comes with it…it’s without a doubt that my own personal work and the tools I’ve gained from studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and my continuing studies into seasonal cleansing, anti-inflammatory eating for pain management, weight loss, hormonal issues including adrenal fatigue, peri-menopause and menopause plus how to live with confidence in yourself and feel amazing in your own skin, (no matter what size) that have given me the resilience and ability to get through the last 6 years.

And I’m just going to say it all quickly, because it’s been a lot!
A car accident, leaving me with 5 herniated discs, I’ve gone to school to become a Health Coach and opened my own practice, moved house 5 times (including to and from gorgeous St. Croix, a Caribbean island) , got married, had Zika Virus, lost both parents, my hubby was in a motorcycle accident, almost losing his right arm and most recently, suddenly lost my younger brother.

Between pain and my stress level, anxiety and exhaustion, I felt like I was rising and falling like the waves in the ocean. In 2017, for the first time in my life, dealing with sugar cravings and crazy mood swings, breaking into tears at the drop of a hat plus that constant nagging feeling that I just wasn’t in my best health & something was going on. I kept searching...

It was July 2018, after a routine mammogram that I received the diagnosis we hope never to have.

I'll remember that phone call clear as day forever, just like people remember where they were on September 11. As soon as the radiologist asked "Karin, are you driving right now?" I knew the results of the biopsy were positive.

Not only did I have Breast Cancer, but I also tested positive for the BRCA2 gene mutation. Making me high risk for Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer and increased risk for Melanoma, Eye Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer.

Over the year that followed I underwent a double mastectomy, total hysterectomy , and 3 reconstructive surgeries.

PLUS medication blocking estrogen production for 5 years.

I was just settling down into this new phase of my cancer journey, when I started to have issues with my left reconstructed breast. I came to discover that I had Grade 4 Capsular Contracture...often the body's way of fighting back against a foreign object that it deems not to belong. 

My husband and I made the decision together, that my health is more important than anything else, and we decided that I would have the implants removed and  get an aesthetic flat closure performed. You can read more about this decision HERE.

This surgery is to take place July 27, 2020 and I'll keep you updated!

Throughout it all, I've continued to practice the simple tools that I've developed and the tools that I teach you in all of my coaching groups and programs.

Step 1. Prioritizing taking care of me first. The last thing that I want to feel is that I'm a burden and you may feel the same way, but I also know that I'm not ready to jump back into my pre-cancer life yet. And that means focusing on me so that I can still serve others the way that is so important to me.

Step 2. Knowing that my body, like yours, has endured, tons of inflammation (stress, anxiety, surgeries, medications etc can all have an impact here) hormonal changes galore, finding the foods that support my body and it's needs at this reduce the inflammation (& the risk for reoccurrence), balancing out the hormones (my hubby is a big fan of the fewer mood swings, lol) and giving me the energy and vibrancy I've been looking for.

Step 3. Making sure to prioritize my self-care, which means being quite comfortable with saying no and not over scheduling. I also turn to meditation, epsom salt baths, CBD Oil, getting outside for a walk, teas to help reduce the effects of stress & anxiety and there's nothing like a good book! I've made nourishing my mind, body and soul a priority and I've made it simple for myself, so that fitting it into my day becomes easy.

PLUS reducing my risk for reoccurrence became a huge priority, I'm sure you're with me on this one...who wants to go down this path again?

Step 4. I knew that by reducing the environmental toxins in our home, which means reducing exposure to pesticides, hormone disrupting chemicals, and heavy metals to name just a few of the major culprits (I'd already taken some steps, but I took it a whole lot further!!) it would make an epic change.

Did you know that the average American spends 70% of their time in their home? And going through my cancer journey and also working from home, mine is MUCH more than that. Making simple changes to things we use every single day was an easy thing to just need to know the swaps to make...and I'll teach you exactly which ones and empower you to take your health back into your own hands!

As time has gone by and I've craved more and more simplicity in my life, I've made those tools as simple as I can and that's what I want to share with you.

What I've realized's how we bounce back from life's challenges that makes all the difference.


I remember so clearly, my last follow up with my reconstructive surgeon and as we cried and hugged each other, I realized that I was going to miss (not the cancer or the surgeries!!!) but the positive people I'd had around me guiding  and supporting me on my journey. I knew that if I was feeling this, then anyone on this journey was likely feeling the same way.

I don't want you to feel alone, I don't want you to feel unsupported and I don't want you to just jump back into a life that feels like it no longer fits you, because you don't know what else to do.

Life is short...we know that all too well, together let's make it the happiest and healthiest life that we can! 



What you might not know about me yet...

I'd like to introduce to you my awesome hubby Mike and our dog, Marley. (Marley is now 95 lbs! lol) We love to get outside and go for long walks all together. Mike is my rock and always by my side supporting me. 


My kids amaze me! I'm so incredibly proud of the human beings that they've become. This pic is the morning of my double mastectomy and they had travelled from Florida to Seattle, WA and surprised me with these t-shirts. Yes! I cried, lol.

I love the water... it's my happy place and incredibly therapeutic for me. So you can imagine that learning to scuba dive with my hubby, Mike as my instructor, was just incredible. This pic was my final dive to get my certification...I had just "danced" with a sea turtle! 

Other ways to work with me...

If you'd like to learn more about:

  • How I can support you on your journey,
  • Speaking to your group of Breast Cancer Survivors, Thrivers or Previvors
  • Guest hosting on your podcast,
  • Learning more about my programs and if they would be a good fit for your patients/clients.

Simply shoot me an email: [email protected] 


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