The phrase “spill the tea” comes from the 1994 book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." Drag queen Lady Chablis uses it in the sense of “spill the T” for “spill the truth,” but using the word “tea” makes it funny.
Let's spill the tea on what life after breast cancer REALLY looks like and how it's possible to make it the best season of life so far!



Movement After Breast Cancer - Tuesday, April 25th, 2023 @ Noon EST / 9am PST


Nutrition After Breast Cancer -  June 2023 TBD


Intimacy After Breast Cancer - August 2023 TBD


About the event...

Spill The Tea is a LIVE 3-hour talk show on ZOOM, hosted by Health & Transformation Coach Karin Del Maestro, discussing the hot topics that help people THRIVE after breast cancer.

For each episode, we're inviting 5 top leading experts, like yourself, to spill the truth, share their stories, struggles and breakthroughs while busting popular myths and beliefs about what it takes to stay healthy and have the most fulfilled life possible after this disease. 

If you'd like to be one of our featured speakers, please read the requirements below and schedule a quick 15 min chat with Karin  ⬇️


More details & requirements...

  • Interviews are live (on ZOOM) during the event and last 20-30 minutes. 
  • You are not required to stay for the entire event, but are welcome to hang out, should you choose.
  • Each event focuses on one specific topic. If you have ideas for future topics, feel free to schedule a call below and let's have a virtual chat ☕️ and cup of tea!
  • Promotion is for 10 days prior to each event.
  • We are requesting a minimum list size of 3000, however, if this does not yet apply to you, but you believe that you can bring much value to our community, please schedule your call with Karin below.
  • Our request is for you to share the event to your audience via 2 solo emails, 1 Newsletter blurb and social media.

You may be wondering, what's in it for you? The purpose of this talk show is firstly, to serve the breast cancer community, but also for us to grow our collective exposure, so that we can have an even larger impact.

When you give 30 minutes for an interview, you can count on seeing an expected reach of 15K+ and you can offer a FREE GIFT to that audience to grow your own email list. (We do NOT share our combined lists due to confidentiality)

If you'd like to hop on a call for 15 mins and see if this is a good fit for you, simply click below ( I'm crossing my fingers it is!)

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