#19: 3 Keys to Creating Your Self-Care Habit

Jun 08, 2021
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Karin Del Maestro
#19: 3 Keys to Creating Your Self-Care Habit

You know that self-care is something you SHOULD do, just like eating clean and moving your body especially after your breast cancer journey, but we also know that the truth is it can feel completely overwhelming to think about squeezing something else into your already hectic life!


I mean let’s be honest, how many times have you said...screw it, I’m just going to watch Netflix instead?


Hey, we’ve all been there and honestly, I’m grateful to Netflix as I certainly had my fair share of binge watching as I was going through my surgeries and recoveries.


But, I also know that you are more than likely running on empty...tired when you wake up first thing in the morning and wish you could take multiple naps in the day, instead of having to work or tend to the house or the kids…or all 3!


And what I know to be true...after 20 years of working with women, is that we often have a much easier time taking care of others than we do ourselves...and after treatment, it can almost feel like we have to repay people for taking care of us, right? 


Putting ourselves on the back burner to tend to everyone else's needs and then even beating ourselves up for not doing what we know we have to do for ourselves...its a vicious cycle!


In order to get out of that cycle...we need to do something different.



Think about that for a second…


That means that if you change nothing, the chances of getting sick again are more likely.


I want you to know that consistent self-care is the one thing that silences our nagging fear of recurrence.


WHY? Because when we are focusing on taking care of ourselves...we know that we are doing what we can...on any given day. Prioritizing our self-care...trickles over to what we eat, how we manage our stress, creating a healthy home, relationships...everything decision we make in our lives!


1. So what I invite you to think about WHY self-care is important to you? 

  • Fed up of being at the bottom of the list,
  • Had enough of feeling drained all the time
  • Want to do what you can to lower your risk of getting sick again
  • Craving a more balanced life

Just get clear on’s your why will keep you motivated when things get rough.


2. The next thing I want to talk about is when you do your self-care. If you keep pushing it off until the end of your day...chances are, especially if you’re super close to just finishing up treatment, you’re going to be wiped out. That’s not me’s simply a fact. So I’d like you to consider starting a self-care habit first thing in the morning...even before you get out of bed.

  • Take a few mins to stretch while you’re in bed
  • Do a quick’re you feeling today...physically, emotionally
  • Set an intention for how you’d like your day to feel.

Within 5 minutes you have completed 3 self-care acts and can now go about your day, with more mindfulness (which allows us to be more in the present) and we’re not beating ourselves up, for not squeezing in self-care again.


3. Now, before you say one word that even closely resembles...But Karin, that’s not enough! I would like to share with you how I’ve become the Self-Care Expert that I am today.

I used to think the same way...I used to think that more was always better...but I also remember quite distinctly how hard I was on myself, and my feelings of whatever I did it was never good enough...perhaps you can relate.


But, what I’ve learned as I’ve gone through..

  • Major car accident
  • The loss of my entire family unit...mum, dad and younger brother,
  • Zika virus
  • My hubby almost losing his right arm in a motorcycle accident
  • Being diagnosed with BC & BRC2
  • And another critical family health crisis

All in the past 7 years!


There is ONE consistent that has kept me going and allowed me to be here serving you, here today...that one thing is consistent self-care.


Remember consistent self-care is the one thing that silences that nagging fear of recurrence.


So, let me ask you a question...what would feel better to you


Setting big self-care goals - I’m going to exercise for an hour 6 times this week and not being able to achieve them (YET)


Setting small daily goals, that you find easy (like that little 5 min sequence to do before you get out of bed in the morning) and make you feel great because you are finally gaining some consistency?


Maybe that sequence isn’t calling your name...that’s ok, trust me we need a really big self-care toolbox full of different tools, for us to call upon when we need them...that’s why I created a FREE downloadable 30-Day Self-Care Calendar  for you to get you started.


Let’s recap…


3 Keys to Creating Your Self-Care Habit


  1. Know why it’s important to you
  2. Consider the time of day - the earlier the better (less excuses and demands to push it off)
  3. Start small...small is mighty, small helps you get momentum, and celebrate each step, no matter how small it may feel resist the urge to be hard on yourself.


Don't forget to start building your self-care toolbox with 30 Quick, easy and inexpensive ways to practice self-care - all on one FREE 30-Day Self-Care Calendar.



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