#5. Coping With The Fear of Recurrence

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When I ask breast cancer survivors about what the most challenging aspect of this disease is...99% reply with "Karin, it's the fear of getting IT again! Every lump, bump, ache, pain and slightest change, I’m immediately coming unglued. Of course, we need to be aware of any changes, but...the anxiety over anything and everything is tough. Sometimes paralyzing."

What can be even worse, is that to the outside world, we might look like everything is back to "normal"...but the reality and what we deal with emotionally with breast cancer...continues for most of us for an extended period of time.

We have fought a battle...we deserve to live, not just survive and that starts with learning to cope with this dark cloud that follows us around.

In this episode, I'm sharing just a few ways to start coping with the fear of recurrence, so that we are not stuck in this place of paralyzing fear.

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