#12: Is the Daily Hustle & Bustle of Life Feeling Overwhelming?

Apr 10, 2021
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Karin Del Maestro
#12: Is the Daily Hustle & Bustle of Life Feeling Overwhelming?

Are there days where you just want to hide under the covers? You feel like you don't have the energy or just don’t want to deal with the BS anymore?

Welcome to the club! The breast cancer survivors club, that is!

This is completely normal and something I hear all the time from the breast cancer survivors in my group coaching programs.

The truth is...we are changed...we have been on a journey that the people around us have also been ON, but they haven’t been IN IT.

You may notice things like...

Not being tolerant of certain conversations...

People complaining about the smallest of things, like the line at the coffee shop, or how long they had to wait at their doctor appt.

And your inner voice screams “ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

It can even feel like we are just in a bubble observing life going on around us and not feeling like we’re a part of it anymore, and perhaps we don't even want to be part of that hustle and bustle anymore. Maybe that's why it feels so distant?

In today's episode...


  1. I’d like to introduce to you “The hamster wheel of life” and then the "hamster wheel of breast cancer".
  2. Sometimes we get to choose to step off it, and sometimes we are forced to step off it. Either way, trust me...it can be an excellent thing!
  3. Ask yourself if you REALLY liked that hustle and bustle, or just aspects of it? You get to choose what you want your life to look like. Just because something has always been a certain way, doesn't mean that it can’t be a different way.

DO : Rest when you need to, without feeling guilty. It’s ok to take a really close look at your life right now and adapt it to what you would like.

DON’T: Feel like you’ve been a burden and you need to do extra now because of what everyone else has done for you. 

For more Do’s & Don’ts I invite you to grab my free one page cheat sheet with 5 Do’s & Don’ts to Successfully Navigate Life After Breast Cancer.


Have you been on the hamster wheel?

It’s ok to choose to get off it in favor of a calmer life!

Are you ready to start focusing on what YOU really want?

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