How to Start Your Day With a Smile

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The idea of being quarantined and having all the time in the world to start your day, and that dream of having your first cup of coffee in silence might seem like a far away reality for you right now.

Schedules have been turned upside down and trying to figure out how to navigate working from home, the significant other home too and the kids needing to be home schooled is all a reality right now for so many of the women I'm speaking to.

Many of them have asked me:

"Karin, I don't even get a minute to breathe, before I'm being pulled in a gazillion different directions. How do I get some time for me, so that I don't feel like a snapping turtle just ready to bite everyones head off all the time? I hate feeling like this!"

I think you'll agree that when things aren’t quite going the way that you’d hoped, it can be really difficult to meet the challenges of your day with a calm smile.

This can be even more difficult if you were raised in a household where there was a lot of focus on negative talk, attitudes and ideas.

I know this is true...for decades I believed that I wasn't good matter how hard I tried, no matter how much I bent over backwards to help everyone around me. I also remember with a really heavy heart how much it hurt that I didn't think anyone was looking out for me and being strong for me, so that I could occasionally let it all go.

I'm wondering how many of you right now are trying to hold it together for everyone else and are feeling the weight of it...of being strong for everyone else, for crying in the bathroom, so that the rest of the family doesn't get scared because they've never seen you lose your sh*t and you know it would freak them out?

I want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I AM HERE for you! ALWAYS. So, if you're having a hard time and just need a safe place to vent, cry, yell scream and feel the warmth of a virtual hug...simply reach out. [email protected]

Today, I want to share some of the things that I do to help start my day, the right way...with an authentic smile on my face. 

Shifting Your Mindset

When you first open your eyes, it can be tough to get out of bed when you're already what the day holds for you, but a lot of that can be changed by adjusting the things that you’re focusing on.

By making a shift in your mindset, consider what you're providing for yourself and your family. Take just a few minutes to look at what you’re creating or sustaining by getting up and out of bed...

  • Is it a loving and safe environment?
  • A place to learn something cooking, making art, music?
  • Consider what your work from home job is providing to others

This little but mighty shift gets easier with practice.

Be happy to be awake, happy to be alive. Start to practice shifting your mindset to being positive about the morning and the day ahead.

Express Gratitude Whenever You Can

Another thing that can help push the shift in mindset further is the habit of expressing gratitude. Even just the simple act of being thankful can give you a more positive feeling during the times you’re thinking about them.

This was something that I practiced many times a day throughout my breast cancer kept me moving forward! 

Set Your Intentions

Have you noticed that when you don’t have a focused plan it can be really hard to get things organized? Taking the time to set your intentions helps you to give a priority and order to the things that you have to consider for the day. 

Instead of completely random selections, you can make an organized, cohesive plan that will put you on the right path and keep you there.

Keep in mind that intentions can be list of things to do, but also (and this is how I like to practice setting intentions) setting an intention about how you'd like your day to feel. One that pops up for me regularly, is SIMPLE. 

By doing this one thing...I'm clear on how I want my day to feel...every time I start to feel stressed or anxious, I turn around and ask myself, what I can do to get back to simple. 

Nourish Your Body

Without the proper nutrition, there can be no healthy mind. It’s very important that you always make sure that you have enough time to get some kind of nourishment before you begin your day. That will help you to keep your focus and stay at an efficient energy level. I always wouldn't think of expecting your car to run without gas...why would you do that to your body?

If you love the idea of these shifts but don't quite know how to make them work for you...hop on over to check out the BRAND NEW MOVING FORWARD MEMBERSHIP, my new inexpensive group coaching program, to help support you to stay healthy and maintain a positive attitude, especially right now (no more daily snapping turtles LOL!) as we navigate these uncertain times.



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