What's missing from your energy boosting plan after breast cancer?

energy self-care

I can't believe that October is almost over and today we are doing a recap of ALL of the amazing energy boosting tips I've shared with you over the past month, so that you can identify what's missing from your energy boosting plan.
My intention for this month was to give you something positive to focus on, during a month that traditionally can be quite challenging for breast cancer survivors...triggering all kinds of PTSD type thoughts and feelings, with PINK in our face everywhere that we turn.
Please don't misunderstand me...I'm grateful for the awareness that October brings to breast cancer, but for the millions of us who have lived through this devastating disease and the families who have lost loved ones due to breast cancer...trust me when I say, we are ALWAYS aware.
That's why I wanted to gift you, my pink sisters, with something not only positive but productive too and that's how to begin getting back your get-up-and-go after your treatment has ended.
Over this past month we talked about how...
Can boost your energy levels! 🚀
BUT, only when you choose to prioritize your self-care are we able to put this knowledge into practice.
When we keep putting our needs on the back burner, to take care of everyone else...we are never going to feel energized, balanced or joyous.
Is self-care the missing piece of your energy boosting plan? Are you ready to learn more about how self-care can be the game changer in your breast cancer recovery?
I warmly invite you to join me tomorrow for my free masterclass: Reclaim Your Energy After Breast Cancer.
There are just a few spots left, make sure that your name is on one of them: https://bit.ly/ReclaimYourEnergyABC

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