What Causes Breast Cancer?

Jul 08, 2020

If there were one simple answer to this question wouldn't that be amazing? Then we could really have a positive impact and decrease how rampant this terrible disease is!

When I'm looking at what triggers this disease, I look at a number of things...

  • Genetic predisposition
  • The food you eat
  • The way you manage (or don't) manage your stress
  • Hidden harmful chemicals in our homes and environment

Just to name a few.

But today I'm going to invite you to look at what can trigger breast cancer, in a slightly different way than you might be used to.

I was prompted to write this post as I was re-reading a book that I'd purchased when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer "Heal Breast Cancer Naturally" by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers and I came across a passage that hit home hard...it's funny how when we read things at different times, different things seem relevant, have you found the same thing?

Well this particular chapter is about Emotional Wounds:

It states that :

"C.W. Douglas Brodie, M.D. is a physician who was an early pioneer in alternative medicine. He worked with cancer patients for over 28 years. He found specific traits that showed up over and over in the thousands of cancer patients with whom he worked. The stress they experienced was a causative factor in developing cancer."

Be honest with yourself, and see if any of these traits relate to you...

  1. Being highly conscientious, caring, dutiful, responsible and hard-working.
  2. Being someone who "worries for others" and carries other people's burdens.
  3. Being a "people pleaser" with a great need for approval.
  4. Having a poor relationship with one or both parents and often their spouse.
  5. Internalizes toxic emotions like anger and resentment and has great difficulty expressing these emotions.
  6. Is unable to cope adequately with stress.
  7. Having unresolved deep-seated emotional problems and conflicts from childhood and often being unaware of them.


You might be sitting there right now after reading this saying "no wonder I got breast cancer". 

That's exactly what I found myself saying after I re-read this particular chapter. Because, I can relate in some ways to EVERY SINGLE ITEM ON THIS LIST!

How many of these can you relate to? Share in the comments below.

Now, that's not to say that I haven't worked my way through some of these over the years...but you'll often hear my referring to myself as a recovering people pleaser.

And, I have noticed that most of my breast cancer survivors who I work with, all show signs of these exact same traits.

So, that being said...if we don't actively work on these traits, then we are not helping ourselves out when it comes down to reducing our risk factors.

Needless to say...these traits didn't appear overnight and they can't disappear overnight, but you can make a decision right now, to work on them, to decide that you want to actively reduce your risk factors.

And trust me, I know that often the hardest thing is knowing where to start...I'm going to recommend taking 1 step RIGHT NOW.

GRAB THIS QUICK GUIDE HERE that I put together, with 5 Tried and Tested Ways to Improve Your Health After Breast Cancer.

You'll discover your best next step inside the guide, don't worry, I'll guide you step-by-step.



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