Why the Crazed to Calm Podcast is For You!

Aug 14, 2019

For the past 6 years, I've devoted my health coaching practice to teaching busy, exhausted and overwhelmed women how to cultivate a system that they can use daily to make choices that will bring more balance, ease, calm & joy into their lives. And each week I'll be sharing all of those insider tips with you in this brand new podcast. 

These are also the tips & tools that I personally use in my life and it's these tools that have enabled me to build the resilience to quickly bounce back after going through some really major life events over the past 6 years.

I'll give you a quick insight...

A car accident, leaving me with 5 herniated discs, I’ve gone to school to become a Health Coach and opened my own practice, moved house 5 times (including to and from gorgeous St. Croix, a Caribbean island) , got married, had Zika Virus, lost both parents, almost lost another loved one suddenly and my hubby was in a motorcycle accident, almost losing his right arm. And then the cherry on July 2018 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and the BRCA2 gene.

I can honestly say, that I have learned a huge amount on this crazy journey, about letting go of what's not important and what I can't control and how to focus on my top priorities and quieten down all of the external noise and craziness that surrounds us daily.

Did you know that stress has a direct impact on your health? These are a few of the things (I'll be sharing more in Episode 1) that you might be experiencing and possibly not even connect it to how burnt out you feel:

Are you...

  • Exhausted?
  • Restless at night?
  • Having trouble focusing?
  • Having mood swings?
  • Craving sugar & carbs all the time?
  • Feeling pain constantly throughout your body?
  • Finding that your heart's racing?
  • Breaking out?

These signs can be the beginning of even bigger health issues 😳, that's why you need to recognize these symptoms when you're feeling them.

So, I wanted to do this podcast...because I know that I'm not alone.

I know you're also going through "stuff" in your life that's hard to handle and it can be hard to keep your head above water, right? And I want you to have the tools to bounce back and give your body, this incredible vessel that we live in, the helping hand that it deserves.

I didn't say that getting through all of this has been easy, and yes there have absolutely been tough days but by having the clarity and being able to remain focused on the specific things to fuel myself...which, if I'm being honest...and I always am, somedays that meant just making sure that I stayed hydrated enough, because that was all I had the energy to do.

Did I mentally beat myself up for not doing more...Nope! Instead, I was grateful to my body, mind, and spirit.

Grateful for...

  • Every lesson I've learned along the way - from new ways to manage my stress, eating for my new body with its hormone changes, and having the clarity to be able to make decisions for myself based on my gut and knowing what's best for me. 
  • My body... it continues to keep on going & recover from my 5 surgeries because I know how to fuel it with the foods that work for me.
  • Being able to remain calm (for the most part! Told you I'm honest!). 
  • My support system (and my angels up above 🙏🏻). 

My gratitude list could really go on and on, lol.

But the truth is...we all need a helping hand. Life is not easy...and my weekly goal on Crazed to Calm is to give you tips that you can start to use immediately so that you too can build the resilience to bounce back from what life is going to throw at you.

My mission is to lessen the stress, overwhelm and exhaustion you're currently feeling and get you closer to living with ease and joy every single day, by implementing the simple yet transformative steps I share.

The podcast will be launching later this month and I'll be sharing how to listen with you soon,  but if you don't want to miss it, simply sign up to get my weekly mailing (don't worry I NEVER share or sell your info). PLUS you'll get for FREE...

The Crazed to Calm Starter Kit - Why wait? Get started today!


This is what you'll get:

  • 9 Polite Ways to Say No (I'll be talking about this more in episode 2)
  • 7 Foods to Help Combat Stress - trust me, they make a difference.
  • Blank Meal Planner to take away that daily stress of "what's for dinner??".

I can't share how excited I am to connect with you on the podcast, and by the way, once a month I'll be doing a Q & if you have any health or stress-related questions, please shoot me an email @ [email protected]

Don't forget to click here to grab your Crazed to Calm Starter Kit Now

Cheerio for now! I'll see you soon 😊 xoxo Karin


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