Healthy Living After Breast Cancer

Curl up on your couch, (P.J.'s always optional ) with your fave cup of tea, and join the most amazing supportive group of ladies who understand what it's like to have had breast cancer and want to enjoy a healthy future without the fear of getting sick again always following you around.


#1. Why early detection is key now, more than ever before, PLUS 3 breast self-exam tips you need to know!

Oct 01, 2020

In the first of this brand new weekly video series, I invite you to join me as I talk about what Dr. Kristi Funk (Sheryl Crow's Breast Cancer Doctor) is concerned about with COVID and breast cancer.

Why NOW more than ever it's crucial to be doing your monthly breast self-exam and 3 tips that you...

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Genetic Testing For Breast Cancer

Sep 27, 2020

While BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations may increase your odds of developing breast cancer, your odds of having either mutation are pretty small. An estimated 0.25% of the general population carries a mutated BRCA gene, or about one out of every 400 people.

I didn't for one second imagine that I...

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Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer After a BRCA Diagnosis.

Sep 27, 2020

With a disease like Breast Cancer, I think so often we don't consider the fact that we might have some control over whether or not we are diagnosed. 

A BRCA diagnosis changes our risk factors massively, and I know that I felt really overwhelmed and scared when I got my diagnosis in July...

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BRCA - The Breast Cancer Gene

Sep 27, 2020

Getting a BRCA diagnosis is life altering. In one moment you go from believing that your chance of breast cancer is 1 in 8, to now 1 in 2. 

I was diagnosed in July 2018, with both breast cancer and the BRCA2 genetic mutation.

What is a Gene?

Each person’s DNA contains the code used...

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Crockpot Stew

Sep 27, 2020

As the Fall hit the Pacific Northwest this week, out came the flannel shirts and the Instapot!

I don't know about you, but I love the feeling of having dinner prepped and cooking by 8am and not having to worry about it for the rest of the day!

You can't go wrong with a hearty crockpot stew,...

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Mother and daughter fighting breast cancer and the BRCA2 gene together embrace virtual support in time of COVID-19

Sep 27, 2020

 WINK NEWS - Florida met with my amazing daughter Paige Haddy for this article.

Going through cancer is never easy and the pandemic is making a difficult time even harder.

For Paige Haddy, her journey with cancer hasn’t happened alone. She and her mother have been side-by-side...

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Your Monthly Breast Self-Exam Could Save Your Life!

Sep 27, 2020


When it comes to keeping track of cancer, four main categories of statistics are used:

Incidence: How many people have been diagnosed during a specific amount of time

Mortality: How many people die from it

Survival: How many people are alive 5 years after being diagnosed


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The 12 Secret Skin Care Ingredients You Need to Avoid After Breast Cancer

Sep 22, 2020

FACT: You are using products on your face and your body daily that likely contain carcinogens and hormone disrupting chemicals, which are increasing your risk for breast cancer, and other serious diseases and complications!

How can I be so sure? 

Because I was and I didn't have a clue. ...

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How Toxins May Be Affecting Your Body

Sep 08, 2020

Have you ever felt "off", exhausted, bloated and basically just blah??

Did you ever consider that everyday products that you use in your home could be causing this?

I invite you to watch this video, where I share my own recent experience of removing my breast implants, after breast reconstruction...

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5 Simple Ways to Start Reducing Toxins

Sep 03, 2020

Environmental toxins - the often unavoidable chemicals that we all encounter in our normal, everyday lives, and if left unchecked, can lead to major serious diseases, including breast cancer.


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