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Epsom Salt baths to boost your energy

Oct 06, 2021


Have you been feeling wiped out since treatment ended? Found yourself wondering "is this normal?"
You are not alone and this video series of energy boosting tips is especially for you!
Today, I'm sharing why one of my all time faves is a no brainer when it comes...
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Organic vs conventional produce, which is better for your energy?

Oct 05, 2021

You may have heard the saying "You are what you eat", but you may not have realized that it applies to your energy levels in a super direct way.

If you're truly wanting to get back your get-up-and-go, then this is a tip not to be missed.

I mean, think about how many times each day you eat...that...

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Is your make-up making you tired?

Oct 04, 2021

We often don't realize that harmful chemicals we use every day can have a massive impact on our energy levels.

This super easy tip, will help reduce your exposure to those chemicals and help you to reclaim the energy that's been sucked away!

To follow along on our 30-Day Energy Boosting...

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Breathing the right way to boost your energy!

Oct 04, 2021

To play along on our 30-Day Energy Boosting adventure for breast cancer survivors, grab your calendar HERE.

We all breathe...but are you doing it the right way?
Do you ever think to yourself "I can't add one more thing!"?
What if I could...
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Dance like no one is watching and see your energy soar!

Oct 03, 2021

Are you playing along with our 30-Days of energy boosting tips, make sure to grab your calendar HERE

Day 2

Today we explore how dancing can help your energy soar. Simple, fun, isn't that what we all need?

Watch this short video and don't forget to comment below and let me...

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Start your day with a smoothie to boost your energy after breast cancer!

Oct 01, 2021

It's October 1st...the beginning of breast cancer awareness month...and this month, I want to honor you and your journey with the gift of 30-Days of energy boosting tips, just for breast cancer survivors.

Here's how it works...

1. Watch the daily video. Want to join us live? Hop on over to...

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What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer Recurrence

Aug 05, 2021

The topic of breast cancer recurrence is a heavy one...but, it's also a subject that I'm frequently asked about and so wanted to address it for you. And, it would be fair to say...the biggest fear of most breast cancer survivors!

My intention with this post is not to scare anyone, in fact, I'm...

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RECIPE: Harmony Bowl

Aug 03, 2021

I'm a huge fan of bowls...for lunch, dinner...even breakfast. There's just something really fun about them (maybe its a throwback to childhood, I'm not sure?) and this one is no exception!

Bowls are a great way to use up left overs, especially grilled, steamed or sauteed veggies. The perfect way...

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#23: Finding a Lump After Going Flat.

Jul 07, 2021
Karin Del Maestro
#23: Finding a Lump After Going Flat.

In this episode, I'm sharing my recent personal experience...of finding a lump after going flat.

I was in the UK, a family member critically ill...the whole country on lockdown with COVID-19 and I found a lump in my chest.

Listen in as I share my very real feelings and fears as I went on this...

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#22: Do I Still Need to do a Breast Self-Exam After Mastectomy?

Jul 07, 2021
Karin Del Maestro
#22: Do I Still Need to do a Breast Self-Exam After Mastectomy?

You may be thinking that you’re in the’ve removed your breasts, gone through the trauma of a mastectomy or DMX...surely you don’t need to worry about doing a self-exam any more??  Wrong!

Even though our breast tissue has been removed, we still have lymph nodes...

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